Before the Call

Before the storm. Before the emergency. Before the situation is mission critical, SouthernLinc employees are ready for the call. So is our CriticalLinc™ LTE network. Resilient and reliable under the most challenging circumstances, so your team can carry out what they're called to do.

Amy J.

Before the call, Amy sets up communications networks for the Georgia State Patrol. She programs secure talk groups based on badge numbers, then provides simple instructions that allow Troopers to use our Push To Talk network across departments during statewide emergencies.

“I look out for our customers' best interests and make sure they have everything they need to respond to an emergency event.”
Amy J. Atlanta, GA
Market Sales Executive

Jackie D.

Before the call, Jackie works closely with Georgia Power and Alabama Power to prepare for impending weather emergencies. When tornadoes threaten traditional communication lines, she activates hundreds of Sonim smartphones, so tornado recovery efforts proceed as planned.

“I ensure personnel have talk groups for critical communication between multiple crews during devastating storms. ”
Jackie D. Tuscaloosa, AL
Senior Sales Support Representative

John L.

Before the call, John manages communication between network engineers and first responders. He coordinates communication efforts and reports on available mobile resources during state emergencies, helping first responders make on-the-ground decisions based on available resources.

“From the top down, I work for a company that cares about its employees and customers like no other. ”
John L. Central AL
Senior Market Sales Executive

Betsy M.

Before the call, Betsy works with state and local operations to ensure critical Push To Talk groups are established and available, long before situations become critical. Thanks to Betsy, when other forms of communication fail, her customers stay connected and stay focused on the task at hand.

“Knowing that CriticalLinc is often the only wireless network running during an emergency makes me proud. ”
Betsy M. Atlanta, GA
Public Sector Market Sales Executive

Success Stories

Our network's reliability is without comparison. Our dedicated people are second to none. But ultimately, what matters most of all is what happens after the call. In places where one call affects thousands of lives. In moments where individual solutions change whole communities. When communication is as complicated as it is critical, Southern Linc delivers time after time. But don't take our word for it.
Our customers say it best.

Black Warrior EMC

Alabama's largest electrical co-op has relied on Southern Linc phone service for over 21 years. But when they replaced satellite technology with our wireless modems at their substations, they could hardly believe the results. Reliability and serviceability were incredible, but the cost savings were astounding.

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Introducing CriticalLinc

This 4G Advanced LTE network goes beyond reliable. When communication is mission critical, trust the only network that's mission critical, too.

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We've built redundant network data centers in Birmingham and Atlanta with backup power systems in each location.


Each cell site has an emergency generator or backup fuel cell to keep power running for days during an outage.


We secured the CriticalLinc network in lockstep with Southern Company's multilayer, 24/7 IT security systems.

Mission critical Push To Talk that just won't quit.

Southern Linc is the first U.S. carrier to offer public-sector-grade PTT on a public LTE network. Linc PTT delivers all the essentials, plus valuable new features that will put your team in position to win the day when it matters most. Basic and High Performance plans are available so you can find service that's right for you.

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